3.2kW Grid-Tied Solar Package


VAT Inclusive, Free Delivery within Metro Manila
3.2KW REC Solar Monocrystalline Twin Peak Solar Panels**
Solis 3KW 4G ON Grid Inverter with Limiter

₱5,000 — Average Monthly Savings***
₱60,000 — Average Yearly Savings***
Based on 400kWhr Monthly Consumption

Covered Appliances:

  • (2) 1.5hp Aircon,
  • (1) Washing Machine,
  • (1) Refrigerator,
  • (2) LCD/LED TV,
  • Electric Fans,
  • Lights

**All Solar panels are 10 years product warranty, ***Computed at P11.50 per kWhr (Tax Included)

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Qty Items Type
8 400 Watts REC Solar Monocrystalline Twin Peak Solar Panel (2m x 1m) 20kgs./panel Solar Panels
1 Solis 3KW 4G ON Grid Inverter with Limiter Inverters
30 Meters 4MM DC Twin Solar Cable Cables
1 Set Railing Kit (Aluminum) Railings
1 Set Protection Kit: AC/DC Breakers, SPD, and DB-08Way Kits
  MC4 Pair, Grounding Rod, AC Wires, GI Clamp, Cable Tie, Flexi Hose, Screws with Tox Others
  Computation, Design, Installation, Operation and Testing Services


  • 10-Year Product Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 5-Year Product Warranty On Grid Inverter
  • 1-Year Warranty Installation
  • FREE one time check-up and cleaning maintenance on the following year

Expected Life

  • 25-Year Linear Power Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 20-Year Power Warranty On-Grid Inverter
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